California is different and Trump’s election proves it

Telam, an Argentinian magazine, interviews Jay Rooney on the CNP and our path to independence.  Note that the article is in Spanish, the excerpt below was translated.

“…for every dollar that Californians pay in taxes, they get about 78 cents, when other states like Mississippi get between 2 and 4 dollars for every green bill paid.

“So California is subsidizing other states while our schools fail and our roads crumble, and this will remain the case as long as we remain part of the United States,” said the press secretary of the group that has just had the status Of a political party recognized by the authorities.

Rooney also argued that California has “low representation” in the Senate and House of Representatives, as well as not having a strong influence on the president’s election despite his 55 voters: “Donald Trump lost the popular vote for 2.9 million Votes, most of them from California. ”

“California is very different from the rest of the United States, and the recent election demonstrates this: at the same time that our American friends chose a racist and narcissistic tyrant as president, California passed a series of more progressive initiatives.”

The cultural and social axis is also a reason, he said, for independence: “Californians are united by shared history, ecology, culture and values, which are very different from the values ​​of the United States.”

“California highly values ​​freedom, diversity, inclusivity, innovation and compassion – all of which are in grave danger under the Trump Administration.”

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