California National Party Supports Catalonian Referendum for Independence From Spain


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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 23, 2017) On October 1, 2017 the Catalan people will hold a referendum to decide the status of their country as either a state of Spain or an independent nation. The referendum, announced September 6th, was struck down by the Constitutional Court the next day.

The California National Party would like to officially voice its support for those in the Catalan Government who maintain that the vote will still be held, no matter the position of the court. It is the sacred and inalienable right of all nations and peoples in the world to determine their own destiny and assert their independence through democratic means. Catalonia already enjoys an autonomous status within Spain and even has their own President and Legislature.

According to local polling, the Catalan people are divided on the prospect of full independence, but overwhelmingly in favor of a legally binding vote by the people to decide the issue.

Spain’s central government, which regards the referendum for independence as illegal, detained members of the Catalan National Assembly and grassroots pro-independence groups on Wednesday. Protests followed and those arrested were later released. One chief prosecutor however has asked Spain’s National Court to consider leveling sedition charges against those involved with organizing the protests which lead to their release.

Regardless of the outcome of the October 1 referendum, CNP supports the principle that even a desire for independence is a statement of freedom and self determination. Spain’s government seems to prefer that its people have no choice and no chance to vote. The brutal crackdown against holding a free and fair referendum is counter to the values of our party, which is chiefly concerned with the empowerment of individuals and the natural rights of all nations. Only by constant affirmation by the people can a State or Federation be legitimately upheld; to deny them this right is to threaten the very underpinnings of the Spanish Constitution which seeks to “Guarantee democratic life” and “ensure the rule of law as an expression of the will of the people.” California and Catalonia share a common experience with federal governments that  enforce laws contradictory to Constitutional ideals.

“Catalonia has a beautiful history of freedom and resistance against tyranny, including resistance against thirty years of Fascism under Francisco Franco,” said California National Party Chairman, Theo Slater, who added that the Party, “stands in solidarity with all who possess an independant spirit and dream. We salute the patriots of Catalonia, and look forward to the day which we may follow in their footsteps.”


The California National party is a grassroots political party that advocates Californian independence on a progressive platform designed to grow California’s economy, protect her people, and preserve her natural environment. You may read the party’s platform at

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