CNP Endorses Michael Loebs for Governor

Due to directionless leadership and a series of poor decisions, Gavin Newsom will soon face a recall election. In the wake of numerous crises affecting the State, California politics has reached a new low. The Republican Party, with its best chance at the Governor’s Mansion since the last recall, has been unable to agree on a candidate, plan, or even message for the people of California in these desperate times. Meanwhile the Democrats, with a clear sense of entitlement to power claim that anyone who objects to Newsom’s policies can only be motivated by pro-Trump racism. Instead of responding to concerns and criticism of the people they are supposed to serve, they have equated peaceful citizens using legally enshrined electoral means to a violent and riotous mob—truly ironic for a so-called Democratic Party.

California is in trouble, and not only are the two federal parties unable to fix our problems, they are in fact the source of many of them. It is for this reason and many others that I, Michael Loebs, with the endorsement of the California National Party (CNP), am announcing my intent to run for Governor in the 2021 recall election.

As a political organizer and chairperson of the CNP, I have developed and demonstrated the skills necessary to bring people with different viewpoints together to accomplish shared goals. I have spent my entire adult life as a student and educator in the study of political science. With background in the computer industry, I have seen both the potential and problems that have accompanied California’s economic changes over the last several decades. As an entrepreneur in this post-pandemic environment, I know all too well how government behavior can help or harm the growth of local, community-based commerce. Living for over two decades as a renter, I understand how the insecurity of our current housing crisis impacts our lives. And as an everyday Californian, I have watched in the last year as some friends and family have been unemployed for months, while others have worked and traveled in hazardous conditions with little to no support from our government.

California needs to be brought together with realistic, pragmatic solutions that can unite us, rather than drive us apart with partisan divisions. My campaign and the platform of the CNP supports policies that help all Californians like Universal Basic Income, Medi-Cal for all residents, and a negative income tax to replace the current costly and inefficient social services system; expansion of access to healthcare, community college, financial services and the judicial system in rural areas and historically marginalized communities; protecting the civil rights, natural environment, and shared natural resources of all Californians; taking meaningful action on the housing crisis while respecting the rights of communities; and government reform with greater representation and increased local decision making, such as county-based gun regulation and emphasis of regional rather than statewide gas taxes.

There are many reasons to vote for, or against, the recall of Governor Newsom. I believe it should be up to the judgment of all citizens to determine their own thoughts on this important decision. But whether one supports or opposes the recall, it is important that Californians show that we recognize that the dysfunctional two-party system is not helping us solve our shared problems. We need a party that is ready to recognize California’s global significance, willing to fight on behalf of our specific needs, and focused on solutions to California’s problems rather than partisan bickering and conflict over events 3000 miles away.

California can and must do better. I and the CNP ask all Californians, pro- and anti-recall, to vote for California’s future and join us in building a better California together!

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