Clearing the Air

We are not a new movement but the explosion of interest in our movement is new. One side effect of all that interest is that there are suddenly many rumors going around about this organization and its leadership.

The current elected national leadership of the CNP is:
Theo Slater – Chair
Andria Franco – Vice Chair
Jed Wheeler – General Secretary
Sam Cheyney – Treasurer

Regional leadership includes:
Sean Danbury – Southland Chapter Head
Dennis Sosa – Head of CNP Latinx / Hispanic Outreach Committee
Noah Zimmerman – Head of Bay Area Chapter and our Twitter efforts

No one else is authorized to speak on behalf of the CNP or has any authority to make claims as to what we believe or represent.

We energetically oppose all forms of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and are committed to religious freedom for all peoples; those are core values and principles of the CNP.  Any rumor of the contrary is absolutely baseless and untrue.

In order to be well informed on what is going on in other places, we do follow what the Cascadians, Hawaiians, North easterners, Catalans, Scots, Basques, and every other active independence movement is up to, but following someone’s progress is not an endorsement of their goals or methods. Given the goal of our movement to peacefully and democratically gain independence for the nation of California this is a necessity. We do not have any ties with their particular activities.

We are not the only organization advocating Californian independence, which has also led to some confusion. As already stated, the officers detailed above are the only persons authorized to make any claims or voice our party’s objectives and mission.  The CNP is not affiliated with and has no ties to any foreign government or any corporation or corporate interests.

While we are certainly open to speaking with California’s broad business community and welcome their future support, we are currently completely funded by donations from our members.

We ask people to think critically about any rumors you may hear about our officials and our platform, when in doubt ask us. We are committed to transparency and will answer any question.

For media enquiries, please contact

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