The blood of Oaxaca

The CNP stands with our brothers and sisters who seek greater autonomy in how they conduct their lives in Oaxaca. We are appalled by the ongoing violence against indigenous people and other oppressed communities in Oaxaca. As of now at least ten people have been killed and dozens of more are injured. The California National Party stands with the teachers, students, parents and doctors who are calling for access to more educational and medical resources and protesting against the Neoliberal “reforms” of the Mexican government.

It is inspiring to see the people of Oaxaca refuse to back down or cower in fear, instead continuing to organize for their autonomous and educational rights. Whatever one thinks of the proposed education reforms (many teachers in Oaxaca argue that these “reforms” will hurt students in poor and rural areas that lack resources), it is unacceptable for a government to respond to protests by killing people. Unfortunately this violence is not unprecedented.

Over a hundred years ago the Mexican people were facing a similar situation. They had a period of increased foreign investment, especially from the United States, which had radically increased the gap between rich and poor – in much the way NAFTA has done. Their President Porfirio Díaz, was highly unpopular, just as their current head of State Enrique Peña Nieto is, and his regime repeatedly used violence against those who spoke out against the government and demanded reform. These events led to the Mexican Revolution, and with the similarities in political and economic climate in today’s Mexico, many wonder if another revolution is on its way.

As Californians, our perspective on the Mexican political situation is different than many citizens of the United States since of course California used to be part of Mexico and since so many people of Mexican descent live here – including many who have been here since before the conquest. When we look at our friends and neighbors south of the border and see them gunned down by a corrupt government that has been sponsored so heavily for so long by the corrupt government in DC, we bleed with them. Their struggle for freedom and democracy is our struggle and we condemn the violence of the Mexican government in the strongest possible terms.

As a Party, the CNP supports the Mexican People and people everywhere who are struggling to gain their freedom. La Luche Sigue y hasta La Victoria Siempre (The fight continues and until victory, always) we stand with you Oaxaca!

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