2018 Convention Follow-up

The month of June is over and we’re a week into July, and the California National Party is eager to announce that the cause for our independence and liberation is well and running still. Through all form of attacks and adversity throughout the year our resolve for our right to self-determination and sovereignty to form a free and independent Republic of California has never been stronger. Important changes are happening well within the ever-shifting political landscape of our American neighbors yet the CNP leadership maintains a cool head and steadfast approach to our less than desirable circumstances.

The CNP has released on this blog the new party’s platform that solidifies our objectives and creates a clear pragmatic solution to the problems that currently affect our country, California. The platform addresses our stance on Healthcare and our plans to implement our California Healthcare System, immigration, the environment, education, our hard stance on civil rights, infrastructure, our rule of law, legislation and electoral reform within our own borders, prosperity and growth and finally, independence.

The conference held in Sacramento last month was a success. The keynote speakers presented clear dialogues on how we have grown as a party in the last year, in numbers and experience. Our fight is not an easy one much less a fast one. The CNP maintains that the surest way to legitimize our call for independence is by adhering to peaceful negotiations with our neighbors to the east. This is our message. Peace. For as long as California remains within the Empire of the North American Union, we will know no peace.

The CNP reserves the idea that though the political world, with all its noise and misdirection, California must maintain internal peace, so that we may strategically create our path to liberation. Yet, all us Californians must change our mentality if the United States Federal system does not cooperate with our peaceful negotiations for sovereignty. We must not sit idly by waiting for others to work on behalf of our own self interests to be independent of an oppressive regime. We must come to embrace our convictions of truth and what is right and if need be we must also embrace the term that will undoubtedly be given to us, that we may be referred to as a “rogue” nation pulling away from the tit that has poisoned our sense of righteousness. We must seek international recognition presenting to the world our grievances and arguments for sovereignty. If America impedes our progression of compassion towards humanity, we must act.

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