A Pragmatic Alternative to an Imploding Nation

The ugly and terrifying scenes from America’s capital this past Wednesday have confirmed what so many feared: the United States is a broken country without the means to offer its citizens democracy, protection, or prosperity. We watched in horror as a mob of rioters attempted to violently overthrow the U.S. system of government against the will of voters, stoked on by a narcissistic con-man president intent on retaining power despite his loss at the ballot box. 

The federal government of the United States of America was built on slavery, conquest, and domination, maintained by institutionalized racism, and primarily serves the interests of the wealthy and powerful. Nothing is defended more ardently in the American political system than personal power, whose policies led to Trump and will lead to another Trump, or worse, in four years and beyond.

The California National Party unequivocally denounces Wednesday’s bloodshed in Washington D.C. The mob’s actions were predicated on ignorance, bigotry, and white nationalism. They worship Donald Trump who validates their lust for power and control against the will of the majority of voters. They wish to continue a system based on the subjugation of all people of color, the debasement of sexual and gender minorities, and the preservation of profits at the cost of human life. 

Sadly, the incoming administration promises little hope of making meaningful change in America. President-elect Biden ran unapologetically on upholding the status quo, the same policies that led directly to Trump. Biden and vice president-elect Harris do not intend to pass legislation that will lift many Americans out of poverty. They will not reform public education to truly invest in the intelligence and creativity of our children. Nor will they make significant changes to the prison-industrial complex, or the military industrial complex, both of which prey on people of color and on the poor in the name of profit and the enrichment of the D.C. ruling class. 

The California National Party seeks to make transformational change. We are solution-focused pragmatists who believe all Californians, and indeed all people, have an intrinsic humanity and individual gifts that must be championed for our collective prosperity. We will create equitable communities for people of all ethnic, gender, sexual, and racial identities. We will recognize California’s historical, and all too often contemporary, injustice to our indigenous First National communities and work to find ways to repair this historical stain. We will respect and protect California’s natural environment from the urgent calamity of climate change.

The California National Party offers a path toward precisely the kind of world that the Republican and Democratic Parties oppose with all their power: one in which sensible, fair policies promote the interests of our people and our land. Join us and together we can save the California Republic we all cherish from the onrushing doom of America and a stagnant and ineffective California political establishment.

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