#Calexit independence movement sees exponential post-election growth, as thousands flock to California National Party

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#Calexit independence movement sees exponential post-election growth, as thousands flock to California National Party

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—. In the two weeks since the U.S. presidential election, the pro-independence California National Party (CNP) has seen over 3,000 new supporters and five new regional chapters established. Party officials attribute the sudden influx to a dramatically deepening divide between California and the rest of the United States.
“California is a nation, not just a state. And we’re a nation whose values and priorities are increasingly at odds with those of our neighbors to the east,” said Jed Wheeler, General Secretary for the California National Party. “We think of this as a coming of age. At some point a person has to move out of their parent’s house and make their own way in the world. We hope for a friendly relationship with the United States, and believe both nations will be better off with the freedom to set policies that reflect our differing values.”
Founded in 2015, the CNP is a grassroots party that supports an independent California, accomplished through a peaceful, negotiated exit from the remaining 49 states. Its comprehensive 10-point platform includes support for universal healthcare, proposals to help California achieve water security, education reforms, plans to grow the economy, infrastructure improvement and environmental stewardship.

Currently, California is the world’s sixth largest economy. Its financial contribution to the U.S. military is more than Russia’s entire military budget. Further, California is a “donor state,” receiving only $0.78 for every dollar paid in federal taxes. (By way of comparison, Mississippi receives more than $3 for every dollar paid).
“The hypocrisy of Republican rhetoric claiming liberals and progressives want ‘free stuff,’ when in fact many of the so-called ‘red’ states are reliant on subsidies from the liberal coasts, is leaving an increasing number of Californians cold,” said Wheeler. “And, as the election proved, California is simply moving in a different political direction than the U.S. at large.”
CNP’s call for independence is resonating with voters throughout the state. “It’s time to claim our power and be the change we want to see in the world,” said Kathy Wells of Sebastopol. “We cannot do that when hampered by carrying the burden of subsidizing vast programs that do not align with our values.”
Said David Figueroa of Los Angeles, “After watching the horrific results of the presidential election, it became clear that the two national parties have failed the U.S., and both have failed California for many decades,” he said. “The U.S. has turned its back on California and it’s time we go our separate ways.”
“Californians are sick of having to subsidize our neighbors while our infrastructure crumbles; we want to invest our wealth here to improve our schools, build world-class public transit and alleviate traffic congestion, rebuild our water infrastructure, and adopt a less confrontational stance on the world stage,” said Wheeler. “International law and the UN charter are very clear that we have the right to political self-determination, and we intend to exercise that right.”
This past weekend, the CNP hosted a series of onboarding calls and added over 150 new volunteers to the organization. Additional calls in both English and Spanish are scheduled for the coming weeks.

About California National Party
The California National party advocates Californian independence on a progressive platform that will grow California’s economy, protect her people, and preserve and defend our natural environment. For more information, the party platform is published at https://votecnpstg.wpenginepowered.com/en_US/platform/

Contact: secretary@californianational.party.

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