California National Party Backs Universal Health Care in California

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Feb. 24, 2017) The repeal of the Affordable Care Act — a key element of the 45th Presidency — will have serious consequences. But the pro-independence California National Party (CNP) wants to replace it with universal health care for Californians, pointing out that it can be implemented even before independence.

According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, the number of additional Americans who would lose coverage or be unable to get it for the first time if ACA is repealed would start at 19 million in the first year and increase incrementally before leveling off to 24 million within a couple of years. Even if a replacement initiative is put in place there could still be an increase of 15. 6 million to 25.1 million uninsured, in addition to as many as 52 million Americans who will be partially insured, uncovered for pre-existing conditions, per the Kaiser Foundation.

Universal access to health care is a foundational element of the CNP’s platform. The party believes that California should create a state-wide single payer public health plan where not-for-profit entities compete for people’s business. The government will set prices in consultation with industry and foot the bill.

In addition, California can negotiate mutual coverage with other nations that have universal health care, allowing both Californians and visitors to have access to care overseas.

“Affordable, quality health care is, in our view, a fundamental human right,” says Theo Slater, CNP Chairperson. “While so-called Obamacare, and its California entity, Covered California, are far from perfect, they were a strong step in the right direction. We believe our solution takes the next important step.”

According to Slater, this plan could be implemented immediately and does not require independence. In fact, a movement towards the establishment of California’s own health care system is already in motion. State Bill 562 would provide health insurance to every California resident — though while a California-funded government healthcare program is an important step towards independence, the program would be easier to fund if California was not forced to subsidize other states with our federal income tax or rely on Medicare.

Slater concludes, “As the Trump administration focuses on laying hurdles on the path of health care for US citizens, California will lead the way in the opposite direction, providing affordable access to all.”

About the California National Party
The California National party is a grassroots political party that advocates Californian independence on a progressive platform designed to grow California’s economy, protect her people, and preserve her natural environment. You may read the party’s platform at

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