The dream of an independent California marches on

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sacramento, CA – May 17, 2017  The California National Party (CNP), the California Freedom Coalition (CFC), and other aligned groups of California citizens will march to the California Attorney General’s office on Friday, May 19, 2017 to file a new ballot initiative for greater Californian autonomy and eventual independence from the USA  (the previous initiative, which CNP never endorsed, was abandoned as a result of the recent and inevitable demise of Yes California). The march will be led by social activist Cindy Sheehan who recently joined the CFC as their spokesperson.

The idea of California’s independence from the US is not born from dissent over the outcome of the last presidential election.  Our internal polling shows more than two thirds of our members supported independence before the election and will continue to support it no matter who the Americans elect. This new initiative is a step in the right direction.  Approximately 33% of Californians favor independence already,” says CNP Chairperson Theo Slater.

The quest for an independent Republic of California began over two centuries ago. California has always sought independence; first from Spain in 1811 as a part of Mexico and then from Mexico itself in 1846. During the American war with Mexico, “Californio” lancers (a regional Spanish term for native California soldiers) were more successful in resisting the invading American forces than Mexico, despite being outmanned and outgunned. Though California was forfeited by Mexico in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, the idea of independence has endured and continues to be discussed throughout all of California.

“The notion that endorsing a separatist movement from the US is treasonous is incorrect. According to the US Constitution, treason is defined in Article 3 section 3 as declaring war on America, and “adhering, giving aid or providing comfort” to the enemies of America. This petition filing is a call for sovereignty and independence, asserting the rights granted to California by the US Constitution under the 9th and 10th amendment.”

“We are a political party comprised of, and for every Californio.  We stand in solidarity with other groups who seek and strive for a peaceful and democratic separation from the United States. The California National Party, along with our friends in the California Freedom Coalition invite any and all modern-day Californios to join in the refiling march and to be a part of history as we continue the push for greater autonomy, and eventual independence for California,” concludes Slater.

The California National Party (CNP) is a grassroots political party that advocates Californian independence on a “pragmatic progressive” platform designed to grow California’s economy, protect her people, and preserve her natural environment. You may read the party’s platform at

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