Fascism Comes to America

The Government of the United States is broken. Even the simple task of selecting a President between two main contenders has gone completely off the rails. Donald Trump, President-elect, is a bitter pill for Californians to swallow. A racist, misogynistic, far right “strong man” has promised to begin the largest deportation event in US history.   In addition to planning to deport 10-12 million undocumented immigrants, Trump  wants to force all Muslims to register with the government – something that should send chills down the spine of anyone who knows history.  His victory is a victory for the KKK and Neo-Nazi movements across the US.

The United States selected a President whose values are completely at odds with those of the California Republic. We are a nation of diversity and inclusive civic nationalism, and it is clear that Trump does not represent California values and does not represent us.

Californians need to work hard to build a stronger California Republic able to overcome the broken US Government and build a brighter future of peace and freedom for our people. As long as Washington DC is robbing Californians of their tax dollars in order to prop up other states and fight endless wars abroad at huge expense, California will never have the schools, roads, and other infrastructure it deserves.  In 2012 (the last year for which full figures are available) California taxpayers paid at least $59 Billion dollars in direct subsidies to other States.  The cost is far higher if you factor in money wasted on wars, corporate welfare, and the federal bureaucracy.

Join us and help us build a stronger California able to resist the hate and fear that is always generated by Washington DC to control Californians. That message of hate and fear will only grow stronger as the darkness that Trump and the GOP represent tighten their grip on the Federal Government. California must work hard NOW in order to ensure all of our citizens continue to live in peace and freedom in the face of the wall of hatred and fear which Trump will build.

The easiest way to help doesn’t cost any money: Update your official Voter Registration with the state, and change your party affiliation to “California National Party”. At present, you will need to write it in, but once we reach a certain threshold of voter registrations, it will become an option on every voter registration form in the state. It’s a small easy step to take so that the California National Party can create a brighter future for California.

We can only succeed with your help.  Signing up for our newsletter is also free, and so is following us on twitter and facebook and joining our social media discussion groups.  But we can’t win our independence on social media, it’s going to take active organizing and outreach in communities across California to oppose the Trump agenda of racism and xenophobia and win independence and the right to finally elect a government that truly reflects us.

We look forward to working with you to build a nation we can all be proud of.

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