Goodbye #CalExit, hello #FreeTheBear!

The California National Party Continues to Work for Californian Independence

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Margo Drgos

Sacramento, Calif. (April 19, 2017) The recent dismantling of Yes California brings with it questions as to what will happen to the movement for California’s independence. The drive toward independence did not hinge on their existence, and the move toward independence will continue.  Now that the distractions have ended, the California National Party can focus on the path ahead.

The California National Party (CNP), a political party seeking qualification, has been working tirelessly to create a stronger voice for California. As part of their larger “pragmatic progressive” platform, they advocate greater autonomy and representation for California in the short term and independence over the longer term.

CNP Chair, Theo Slater says, “The CNP is excited and energized by the new possibilities for a stronger California without some of the distractions that have stood as obstacles to an independent California up to this point. We are the fastest growing new political party in California. Every day we register more voters and continue our vibrant growth trajectory.”

The CNP’s is already active in many of California’s counties and regions. Of those, the largest representation is in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. The CNP also has rapidly growing chapters across the Central Valley as well as most other regions of California. CNP members pride themselves on their civic involvement and co-sponsored both the Women’s March and the Tax March. The CNP plans to continue its growth with even more involvement in local community events across California

They are actively seeking members through volunteer opportunities, dynamic social media and voter registration drives. “We continue to leverage our growth to move forward toward Universal Healthcare, fair representation for taxation, a sensible immigration policy that serves the needs of California, and environmental protections,” Slater says.


About the California National Party
The California National party is a grassroots political party that advocates Californian independence on a progressive platform designed to grow California’s economy, protect her people, and preserve her natural environment. You may read the party’s platform at

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