Our Own Michael Loebs gets 25,000 votes for Governor — Now Let’s Register More Supporters!

The California National Party candidate for Governor exceeded expectations in last week’s recall election, garnering around 25,400*. Support for Michael Loebs was found in all counties except Alpine, for an overall .2% of the state vote total. He performed especially well in regions where he campaigned – Humboldt County had the largest vote share with .4% (194 votes), whilst Los Angeles had the largest number of votes with 6,818 (.2% vote share).

Other top performing counties include:

  • Alameda (2,132, 0.4%);
  • San Francisco (1,274, 0.4%)
  • Orange (2,021, 0.2%)
  • San Mateo (777, 0.3%)
  • San Diego (1,946, 0.2%)
  • Mono (15, .3%)

Congratulations, Michael! The San Francisco State University political science lecturer articulated CNP’s positions perfectly, both on the campaign trail and to the numerous media who attended the election night party at Liquid Gold on Nob Hill.

What’s the next step, to keep the momentum going?
Answer: Register more voters!

Steer your friends and associates to this website — https://votecnp.org/voter-reg/

What’s the future strategy? Loebs ran as an NPP (No Party Preference) candidate, and the CNP will continue this approach, suggests Theo Slater, co-founder, and co-chair of the CNP. He believes this approach is smartest “until we have helped elect a handful of city council folks, maybe one mayor, and an assembly member or two… and built enough critical mass. Running as No Party Preference has advantages in a state where more folks are registered NPP than GOP.”

Tell everyone you encounter, including strangers, that you are a CNP voter, and urge them to check out the sensible philosophy and platform. Perhaps start with family members? I talked my wife into voting for Loebs!

Here’s the link again — https://votecnp.org/voter-reg/

*25,468 reported by the Secretary of State’s Office as of 7:30 PM November 5th, 2021.

Original Post by Hank Pellissier.

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