We build opportunities – not walls!


LOS ANGELES, January 30, 2017- California has always been a home for immigrants and throughout our history we have celebrated our great diversity. The executive order of the President of the United States to build a wall along the southern border is simply a waste of resources. This ridiculous proposal, like so many of its campaign promises, has no logic or economic sense. We also denounce their ban on Muslims as illegal, unconstitutional and do not represent our Californian values. Immigration and diversity, far from harming our society, strengthen it.

Mr. Trump’s agenda in his first 10 days has shown us how terrible his ideas are and how they are steeped in racial intolerance, religious intolerance and how Mr. Trump has a profound lack of understanding of how government works. The California National Party denounces the President of the United States and his executive decrees last week as immoral, unethical and illegal.

We call on California’s duly elected representatives, including, but not limited to, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Kamala Harris and Governor Jerry Brown to continue defying federal government abuse and to protect the rights of all Californians. At the Hispanic Network of the California National Party, the party leadership and the California National Party we are all side by side with our immigrants, workers, minorities, religious groups and all Californians. We strongly oppose the construction of a wall on our southern border.


Partido Nacional de California
(California National Party)
1017 L Street, #294
Sacramento CA 95814


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Dennis Sosa – Director de la Red Hispana (Hispanic Network) del Partido Nacional de California



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