Primary Voting for CNP Supporters

Until the California National Party reaches qualified status (0.33% of all California voters registered as CNP), the Secretary of State views all voters registered with the California National Party as equivalent to No Party Preference (NPP) voters. Your No Party Preference ballot will not have any presidential candidates on it, because the CNP is not running candidates for President of the United States.However, our members can vote in the Primary of any party that allows NPP voters to participate. 

The general link for all presidential voting inquiries is: Please click on the first option “No Party Preference” as well as the final option, “I am registered with an unqualified / unknown political party”. A few key points are: 

If you vote by mail…

Your county elections official will send you a postcard that will allow you to request an American Independent, Democratic, or Libertarian Party ballot. Once you make your selection, return it in the mail. If you do not return this postcard, you will be mailed a ballot without any presidential candidates. If this happens, you can still request a ballot from your county elections official by phone, email or fax.

You can also bring your vote-by-mail ballot to your local polling place or vote center and exchange it for a ballot with presidential candidates.

To contact your county elections office, visit your County Elections Offices page.

If you vote at the polls…

Ask the poll worker for a ballot with either American Independent, Democratic, or Libertarian Party presidential candidates when checking-in at a polling place.

You can also call (800) 345-VOTE if you have additional questions.

If you do not wish to vote in the Primary, you don’t have to do anything special at all, and your NPP ballot will only have your local candidates and measures on it.

If you wish to vote in the Primary for the Green, Peace and Freedom, or Republican Party you must re-register to vote online at If you need to re-register after February 18, 2020, you may need to register to vote in person at a polling place, vote center, or your county elections office. If you must re-register, please don’t forget to re-register with the California National Party after voting in the Primary!

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