Response to the latest YesCalifornia attacks

Once again, it has become necessary for the California National Party (CNP) to state clearly, and in no uncertain terms, that we are in no way connected to, affiliated with, or a part of Yes California (YC). Any claims they make to the contrary are false.

California National Party leadership is aware of YC’s current efforts to represent themselves as the CNP on the web, in social media and via email; and of their attempts to solicit donations using our name. We strongly urge caution before responding to any such solicitation. The false media uses one extra letter to mislead people: CaliforniaN National Party. Please do not be misled!
The California National Party is currently considering our legal options and will respond appropriately to what we believe is YC’s unethical and illegal conduct.

Be aware:
The official website for the California National Party is
The official Facebook page is
The official Twitter account is
The official Instagram account is

Any other entities purporting to represent the CNP are fraudulent and should be reported.

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