RSVP for our Canvassing training

In order to qualify as a party the CNP needs 50k people to change their voter registration to CNP.  It’s easy, free, and take just a couple minutes – if you haven’t already switched you can do so online in 5 minutes or less.  Once we get there our candidates qualify for campaign financing and automatically go on the ballot, we get access to voter data, and our movement for a free and independent California takes a huge step forward in terms of legitimacy.

We won’t hit the numbers we need just from internet registrations though –   we need to be out in our communities and talking to our friends and neighbors to get them to make the switch.  To do that, we will be organizing groups of volunteers to go out and canvass for the party – collecting donations and helping people register.

There are lots of ways you can be involved in the movement for a free and independent California but this is one of the most important.  If you are ready to work to win freedom for your country, we need YOU.

RSVP to join our canvassing training.

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