Sacramento CNP Women’s March Address, January 21, 2016

Yesterday our American friends chose their President, a President California emphatically did NOT choose.  Today the California National Party attends Women’s Marches all across California, to show our solidarity and support for all Californians and in particular, with all women, as together we face difficult times ahead.

The California National Party is comprised only of hard-working volunteers, everyday Californians with dreams. We dream of more for our children, and their children. We dream of being able to channel our vast resources and wealth towards the needs of our own people, rather than sending money to Washington to line the pockets of insiders, subsidize other states, and disproportionately fund the Military Industrial Complex.

The California National Party stands for true equality between women and men. That includes pay parity and protected reproductive rights for women. The California National Party stands for better schools.  The California National Party stands for better roads and public transportation.  The California National Party stands for protecting of our air, lands, and water from the corporations that control the United States.

We need leaders who will guide California to a brighter future and a stronger future.  The California National Party will lead all Californians to that better place. We will run only candidates who want to strengthen all of California’s many and diverse communities, who want to build a future for our nation both under the rule of DC and beyond it.  And we will evolve—peacefully and democratically—past the limited vision and low horizons of our American friends.

I want to take a moment to thank our brothers and sisters in struggle in the New England Independence Campaign.  Our two lands may be different in many ways, but we are united in our peaceful intentions towards our American friends, as well as our belief that our people can best live in free and independent republics, at peace with the world, and focused solely on the best interests of their people.  We reach the hand of friendship across America to our New England friends. We thank them for their support of the California National Party, and we wish them well in their peaceful struggle.

The California National Party also thanks all Civic National groups around the world dedicated to the cause of peaceful activism and national self determination.  I will thank by name the Scottish National Party and Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya for their notable examples in achieving peaceful and empowered nations where others would seek to keep them from their ultimate goals.

The California National Party seeks an inclusive California Republic rich in hopes and dreams that become reality; rich in commerce; and rich in quality of life for every community that makes up our great California Nation.  I urge all Californians to join the California National Party, and work with us to create a better future for every Californian.

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