CNP Statement on walkout of RNC delegates

The recent walkout of the Colorado delegation at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland underlines the sad state of American politics. The National Republican party’s continued lack of respect for the rule of law is appalling.  The GOP’s national leadership repeatedly denied their member’s requests for a roll-call vote on the rules under which the convention will operate.  In doing so they revealed an organization that will steamroll its own members to push through an incredibly destructive agenda that does not serve the interests of California or even the majority of America.

The walk-out of the Colorado delegation from the RNC convention was triggered by backroom maneuvering, by leadership pressuring individual delegates to withdraw their signatures from the petition, and by the national party’s determination to impose DC’s priorities onto the State delegations.  This is a symptom of the larger issues that Californians and many others have with the leadership of both American parties in Washington DC.

Rules and laws do not exist for the convenience of  leaders; they must apply universally. Selective enforcement with a political agenda undermines the rule of law, and erodes confidence in a system of government that is supposed to answer to the people.

This is yet another example of why California would be better off as an independent nation. Unlike the American political parties, the California National Party represents respect for the rule of law.  We are committed to transparency and accountability, in sharp contrast with the corruption of the American political parties. Progressives, Liberals, and Conservatives alike should be able to agree that without the Rule of Law it is impossible to maintain good government and we intend to set a far better example.

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