Statement on Yes California’s Russian embassy and the “Crimean model”

Yes California recently opened an “embassy” in Russia with sponsorship from the Russian government, and during their inaugural press conference advocated a “Crimean model” for Californian independence.  Since that organization persists in falsely claiming that we are “affiliated” with them, and since Crimean independence was immediately followed by Russian annexation, we would like to offer these points of clarification on the CNP’s stance:

1) As a party seeking home rule for Californians, the CNP utterly rejects any talk of involvement or annexation by foreign powers.  California is the 6th largest economy on the planet (bigger than either Canada or Russia) and quite simply does not need to be attached to any other nation.

2) We are a California based organization and all of our leadership live here, in California, and are subject to regular elections and rigorous transparency.

3) Any person or organization who is not a member of the California-based leadership group of the CNP is not approved or sanctioned to speak on our behalf. Any statements they make purporting to represent the policies or viewpoints of the CNP are unauthorized.

4) We are a political party and, as such, are separate from any Political Action Committees and other organizations. In keeping with campaign finance law, the CNP does not coordinate with PAC’s.

To summarize, our goal is to realize the dreams of the first California independence movement. Over our nation’s history we have seen over 200 proposals for independence, going back to before the American conquest. We are working to ensure that one day soon, these will culminate in victory via a peaceful, negotiated withdrawal from the Union.

About the California National Party
The California National party advocates Californian independence on a progressive platform that will grow California’s economy, protect her people, and preserve and defend our natural environment. For more information, the party platform is published at


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