To Calexiters: A Message from a Comrade in Colorado

Dear Calexiters,

I have to say that I’m overjoyed that secession is being stolen from the right (in all due respect to Vermont), but I’m disappointed California is ignoring some of its natural allies to the North and near East.  Demographic and migratory shifts are creating a progressive ” J” of states, where the West Coast is being joined by NV, CO, NM and, if voting patterns remain similar in the near future, AZ.  That is a nation state that can serve as true beacon of freedom and prosperity.

Why have progressives not brought up the cause of secession more seriously until now?  We call for — impossibly — the abolition of the Senate and Electoral College and organize for amendments against gerrymandering and corporate personhood, all without realizing we’re out numbered.  Not by citizens, but by Red states, which would make all the difference in an amendment vote.  The delusion of having Wyoming’s legislature vote to end its own ludicrous equal representation in the senate, or the absurd amount of electoral votes it gets as a proportion of its population, never seems to cross our minds.  The majority of states have no interest in democratizing America.

Long before Trump, social scientists argued that America is not a single nation, but eight.  Contemporary research suggests even more still.  We’ve made this all the “worse” by making intentional moves to areas that already reflect our values, but can you blame us? I think not.

Source: To Calexiters: A Message from a Comrade in Colorado

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