“Why we want independence!” video – call for donations

Let’s get the message out and spread the word with new video ads!

A coalition of volunteers, both in front of and behind the cameras, will be shooting “from the heart” interviews in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas with real Californians, and recording their stories of why they seek independence. This footage will be cut into different video ads, so that we can use the power of the Internet to get the message out there. But we need your help.

We need to raise just $2000 to make all this possible, most of which will go to travel and equipment rental costs.

“On election night, my son and I knew we had to do something,” says producer and Head of Video Outreach, Willow Polson. “As California natives and lifelong residents of the Golden State, we got fired up about California independence, and wanted to contribute however we could. We’re donating our time and production skills to get these first ads out as quickly as possible, and keeping the budget to an absolute bare-bones minimum as our way of helping the campaign grow.”

We wish we could do all this for free, but things like equipment rentals, supply costs, and other important expenses aren’t free. Even just $10 will make a difference in reaching our goal.

We hope to shoot all the footage in January, so time is short. Please help us reach millions of Californians, and people around the world, with these simple, heartfelt videos.

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