Intolerance vs. Literacy

A right-wing, quasi-religious group is protesting Drag Queen Story Time at the Chula Vista Library. Contrary to these bigoted protests, which attack both the development of childhood literacy skills as well as the open and tolerant society California has sought to build, the California National Party supports this event and others throughout California–regardless of ethnicity, […]

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We Agree, Las Vegas Sun

On July 25th, a letter to the editor of the Las Vegas Sun made mention of California independence. Party chair Michael Loebs wrote and submitted the following response, which The Sun elected not to publish. We have therefore decided to post our response here. *** Bruce Kesselman’s letter of July 25th is correct: the solution […]

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Facing the Climate Crisis, Part 2, or “What is California doing?”

California news cycles balloon seasonally with natural disasters that burn towns to the ground and bury our communities in mud. Sea level rise is happening as I type, and it’s not magically going away. Storms and accompanying surges continue to worsen, threatening coastal towns and cities. How do we save them? Droughts starve our crops […]

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The Future is Now!

Economists and business leaders are saying that as a result of advances in automation and artificial intelligence, and the growth of robotics, fewer workers will be needed as we move into the future. 25% of current jobs are at high risk of automation and another 36% are at risk of automation within the next two […]

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Team and Nation Building: California Football Federation

In the 1989 Kevin Costner-James Earl Jones feature film ‘Field of Dreams’, an Iowa corn farmer hears voices urging him to construct a baseball diamond in his field. He builds it, and magically the 1919 Chicago White Sox appear and play for him and his neighbors. In 2007, magic became reality, as a group of […]

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Greta Thunberg speaking in Davos in November 2018. (Credit: World Economic Forum / Mattias Nutt)

Facing the Climate Crisis Part 1 (of 3), or “Greta Thunberg, This Decade is for you!”

In December of 2018 a 15 year old autistic teenager from Sweden, Greta Thunberg, stood on stage and schooled me about the climate crisis. She educated my generation. She scolded world leaders. She challenged the planet. I could see in her face and hear in her words that being on stage, speaking to the TEDx-Stockholm […]

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Welcome to Our New Website

We’d like to welcome you to the new, redesigned California National Party website! We hope that this new layout will make it easier for you to learn more about us and find opportunities to contribute to the growth of both the party and a new form of California politics. Among the improvements we’ve made, beyond […]

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Sea Level Rise: The Climate Crisis on Your Doorstep

Do you live in California? If yes, then I am betting you live somewhere in the west. And if you are in one of our largest cities, you are very likely facing one of the biggest threats to your life as you know it: sea level rise. There is a new study out, and it […]

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PG&E: Too Big to Work

On Monday, Pacific Gas and Electric announced its intent to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, proving what many Californians have known for years—PG&E is not too big to fail; it’s failing already. November’s Camp Fire is only the most recent in a series of destructive events, such as 2017’s fires in the North Bay […]

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