A better future for California

Californian Independence survey

The latest polling data shows over 13 million Californians support independence, but there’s not much data available about what unites this group. Please fill out this short survey on your background and priorities to help us better understand what you care about, track whether we are meeting our goal of building a diverse and inclusive […]

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CNP Statement on Trump Inauguration

Today, America inaugurated a far-right reality TV star with not a single day of governing experience to his credit.  Frighteningly, outside of California (where he lost 2-1) Trump actually won the support of the majority of American voters. This election has further illuminated the stark difference in values between Californians and Americans. While we are […]

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RSVP for our Canvassing training

In order to qualify as a party the CNP needs 50k people to change their voter registration to CNP.  It’s easy, free, and take just a couple minutes – if you haven’t already switched you can do so online in 5 minutes or less.  Once we get there our candidates qualify for campaign financing and […]

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