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California National Party Hits Milestone
Officially Recognized by California Secretary of State as “Seeking Qualification Status”

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Feb. 17, 2017)—After an election cycle rife with discord, many have begun to look toward new alternatives in political representation. Among these is the California National Party (CNP), which has officially gained recognition by the Secretary of State as a political body “seeking qualification status.”

With a platform targeted specifically at issues impacting the Golden State—such as immigration reform, environmental protection, women’s rights, and economic growth—and an ultimate goal of becoming an independent nation, the California National Party aims to provide voters with a clear alternative that better reflects the state’s values.  

PDF of official letter on Secretary of State’s website

“Achieving official status as ‘seeking qualification’ is an important step for our party,” says CNP Chairperson Theo Slater. “For some time now, California’s progressive agenda has been at odds with our American friends, and our voice is not heard at the volume it should be on the national level. For example, in terms of population, we get 1/70th the representation per person in the Senate and 1/3 the representation per person in the Electoral College that Americans in Wyoming receive.”

The organization has posted a 10-point platform on their website which outlines the party’s focus on creating educational opportunities, tax code simplification, universal healthcare, and much more.

“Our platform focuses on issues like repairing our infrastructure, improving our public schools, and a quality single-payer healthcare.  These are things that the vast majority of Californians support, but neither the Democrats or Republicans have been willing to champion” says CNP Vice Chairperson Jed Wheeler. “We have the sixth largest economy on the planet, a population larger than most independent nations, and our farms feed the world. We are more than capable of making our own way.”

In order to qualify as a political party, the organization must register approximately 50,000 voters under its banner by Jan. 21, 2018. With that goal in mind, CNP volunteers are actively canvassing in their communities and networking via social media to encourage fellow Californians to join them in making a difference. The organization is optimistic that their egalitarian initiatives and regionally-focused approach will resonate with voters.

The California National Party has scheduled their third annual convention for March 11, 2017, in Santa Monica. California residents interested in changing their voter registration status to the CNP may log onto,select “Other,” and write “California National Party” in the text box.

About the California National Party
The California National party is a grassroots political party that advocates Californian independence on a progressive platform designed to grow California’s economy, protect her people, and preserve and defend her natural environment. You may read the party’s platform at

If you are a California resident interested in changing your voter registration status to California National Party, you may log onto, select “Other” and write in “California National Party”.


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