Reflections on Presidents Day


“ Understanding the spirit of our institutions is to aim at the elevation of men, I am opposed to whatever tends to degrade them.”  Abraham Lincoln, May 17, 1859 Letter to Theodore Canisius

To truly observe Presidents Day we are obliged to reflect on one of the most influential men in our country’s history, sixteenth president Abraham Lincoln. Centuries after his presidency, he remains a shining beacon of strength, compassion and resilience. Admired for his strong work ethic and extraordinary skill to unite the people with his honest character, Abraham Lincoln was a president who imposed policies with a conscience.

The California National Party (CNP) also strives to implement “policies with a conscience.” through an inclusive platform that promotes prosperity while protecting civil rights and social justice for all Californians regardless of race, religion, orientation, gender, or class. The CNP supports school reform to ensure the equality of opportunity for our young people, California’s high-tech economy, and a judicial system that reforms and eliminates police brutality while supporting the majority of officers who are doing their best to serve our communities. The CNP advocates a fair, common-sense immigration policy that allows people to come to California and work within a framework of enforceable laws. Additionally, the CNP supports a universal health care system that can cover all Californians and provides significant savings for businesses and individuals.

California can utilize its strengths in diversity to uplift and include all citizens in the golden state to grow California’s economy, super-charge our key industries, and ensure our economic future.

The CNP will protect and cultivate our young minds to greatness and utilize the wisdom of seniors, and stands with our indigenous communities and corporations to protect our land, oceans and air to better serve our health and wellness.

Now, more than ever, California is ready to make a move to independence. With independence, California’s 39 million citizens will raise the iconic “California Republic” flag with pride. Our great nation state of California will serve as a model of strength through conscious policy and inclusivity to the rest of the world. With your support, California will uplift the needs and desires of all her citizens, and embody the spirit of one of America’s greatest leaders—while following his principles to form a new nation, conceived in liberty.

(Artist: Khariyanul Fathoni)


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