Intolerance vs. Literacy

A right-wing, quasi-religious group is protesting Drag Queen Story Time at the Chula Vista Library. Contrary to these bigoted protests, which attack both the development of childhood literacy skills as well as the open and tolerant society California has sought to build, the California National Party supports this event and others throughout California–regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender expression, or religious belief–that seek to bring exposure to education for our young children.

“Literacy is the key to unlocking access to new ideas,” says Party Chair Michael Loebs. “It is, of course, fundamental to later educational success and employment potential, but perhaps more important is that literacy opens a child to different points of view. To recognize, understand, and respect the diversity inherent in California’s pluralistic society is also a part of this education. As a Californian and an educator, I believe it is important for all of us to support efforts aimed at developing a future generation of Californians rooted in knowledge, empathy, and social acceptance.”

All studies about reading to children show that it develops literacy and language proficiency. Given that portions of Chula Vista have been shown to have literacy rates below both California and United States averages, it is crucial that events and activities that begin developing reading skills early in life be prioritized..

“Intersectionality between literacy advocates and any other group who will support literacy is essential to raising capable citizens for California’s future”, says Ken Brucker, San Diego County Central Committee Chairman and party Chapter Coordinator of Southern California.

The California National Party commends and supports the City of Chula Vista, and all participants of the Drag Queen Story Time at the Chula Vista Library and all other efforts to help develop greater literacy among the children of California.

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