We Agree, Las Vegas Sun

On July 25th, a letter to the editor of the Las Vegas Sun made mention of California independence. Party chair Michael Loebs wrote and submitted the following response, which The Sun elected not to publish. We have therefore decided to post our response here.


Bruce Kesselman’s letter of July 25th is correct: the solution to the issues facing both California and the United States is the peaceful separation of our two nations, although not for the facile and impetuous reasons he has presented. The notion that taxation for health care is considered “tyrannical, harsh conditions” while nothing is said of the real harshness of both present and past administrations regarding the suspension of human rights of citizens and undocumented immigrants alike; continued global military interventionism; and rampant government cronyism would be laughable if it weren’t so terrifying.

It is increasingly clear that both nations are facing problems distinct to each. There are undoubtedly many issues of international significance that must be addressed by the human community, such as environmental stewardship and global economics, which are increasingly ignored by an isolationist and fossilized U.S. policy. But in many respects, California and the United States are taking two different roads into the 21st century. I do not know what path the United States will ultimately take, nor am I too concerned, given that my own homeland of California is facing our own unique challenges. However, both must determine their futures for themselves.

Yes, the United States does not need California. And California certainly does not need the United States. As chair of the California National Party, I hope Americans and Californians will recognize this fact and allow both nations to develop in ways thought best by their own respective peoples.

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